8 Ways to Celebrate Universal Orlando’s 25th Anniversary (TouringPlans.com)

It’s the first theme park for which I have memories of all the excitement and fanfare of its opening days. Universal Studios Florida was the fifth major theme park to open in the Orlando area, 25 years ago on June 7, 1990. Although the anniversary day has come and gone, and the special concert series… Continue reading 8 Ways to Celebrate Universal Orlando’s 25th Anniversary (TouringPlans.com)


Universal’s Volcano Bay Could Change Tourism In Orlando (TouringPlans.com)

The Orlando theme park world has erupted with excitement! Universal Orlando announced that a water park unlike any other is rising from the ground. Volcano Bay will boom onto the scene in 2017, and Universal claims that this will not just be a water park, but is their “third theme park.” From the looks of it,… Continue reading Universal’s Volcano Bay Could Change Tourism In Orlando (TouringPlans.com)


All in the Details: Hooray for Hollywood at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida, to put it simply, is a celebration of Hollywood that offers plenty of movie-based, action-packed thrills to draw thousands of guests daily.  However for me, a non-thrill seeker, there is something else that attracts me. It’s the details and theming; it’s the main reason I am a theme park fan. For my… Continue reading All in the Details: Hooray for Hollywood at Universal Studios Florida


The Top 5 Outdoor Bars at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is decidedly more adult oriented than Walt Disney World, and honestly that's why I love the occasional getaway there. For my latest contribution to Orlando Informer, I created a countdown of the Top 5 Outdoor Bars at Universal Orlando. Cheers and enjoy! http://www.orlandoinformer.com/2013/the-big-5-top-five-outdoor-bars-universal-orlando/  

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Signs of Halloween in Orlando

  And so it begins.  The kids just started school again, the lull in tourism creeps in for the next month, and that means one thing.  It is time to get ready for Halloween in Orlando.  As is customary in Orlando, Halloween and Christmas start early.  Maximize that revenue baby!  Every year I look forward… Continue reading Signs of Halloween in Orlando


Pre-Isaac Visit to Universal Studios

It had been too long.  About four weeks ago we made the spontaneous purchase of our Universal Orlando Annual Passes.  However, we had only been twice during that time (thank you pneumonia).  We were overdue.  And yet, Isaac loomed.  And, we had youngest stepson with us, who had never been to Universal.  Time to buy… Continue reading Pre-Isaac Visit to Universal Studios

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How Harry Potter Changed Theme Parks Forever

Harry Potter cast his spell.  The world waited on the edge of their seats as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP) was set to open. When it opened this new land changed theme parks forever. Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure already offered exciting thrill rides and technologically advanced wonders such as the Amazing Adventures of… Continue reading How Harry Potter Changed Theme Parks Forever


Dining Diversions

Munching on out-of-the-ordinary food is part of the fun when visiting Orlando's theme parks.  However, there is a lot of discovery and relaxation to be had when taking a break from the theme parks for a short bit to head to one of the nearby restaurants.  You can enhance your day in the parks by… Continue reading Dining Diversions

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Seasons Come and Seasons Go

  My husband and I sank our teeth in the dark pink flesh of watermelon.  The sweet, sticky juice dripped down our chins and onto our fingers.  I enjoyed the cool taste of Summer.  Moments later, I wrapped the remaining slices in plastic and began placing them in the refrigerator.  Suddenly, it hit me.  For so… Continue reading Seasons Come and Seasons Go