Universal’s Volcano Bay Could Change Tourism In Orlando (TouringPlans.com)

The Orlando theme park world has erupted with excitement! Universal Orlando announced that a water park unlike any other is rising from the ground. Volcano Bay will boom onto the scene in 2017, and Universal claims that this will not just be a water park, but is their “third theme park.” From the looks of it, and from the messaging Universal Orlando is putting out there, it appears that a lot of innovation will flow throughout Volcano Bay. Sure the concept art is pretty dazzling, but can another water park in Orlando really be a game changer? As they say, the best way to predict the future is by looking at the past. So let’s take a look at Orlando’s bustling tourism industry to get an idea of how we can expect Volcano Bay to shake up tourism in Orlando.

Check out my latest contribution to TouringPlans.com to read the impact Volcano Bay will have on Orlando.

Source: Universal Orlando
Source: Universal Orlando

1 thought on “Universal’s Volcano Bay Could Change Tourism In Orlando (TouringPlans.com)”

  1. Well it will surely ease up the lines at the current water park…..and will make the tourists happy. Me.I will still take my clients to kayak the springs 🙂

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