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Central Florida’s Best Kept Halloween Secret: Dining Edition

The best time of year has begun. October through December always feels like a whirlwind because there are so many fun things to do. Well, I’m adding one more thing to your Halloween to do list: get thee to Colorado Fondue Company in Casselberry!

A little history on Colorado Fondue Company

This little gem of a restaurant opened about 20 years ago. The dining experience is unlike anything else in Central Florida. Not even the oft-compared Melting Pot can hold a candle.

This independently owned business is a favorite among locals, especially Seminole County natives like me. It has been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel.

What to expect

Colorado Fondue is superbly themed. Even when it isn’t Halloween, the decor is detailed and easily transports you to the rustic wilderness of Colorado. A woodsy, intimate lobby area greets you as you walk inside with the bar and Al the big moose (a traditional photo spot for guests) on the right and the dining room straight back.

There are four courses to choose from: soup or salad, cheese Fondue, main entree which is your choice of meats plus veggies and pasta that you cook on a hot rock and bouillon pot, and finally chocolate Fondue. Within each course you have choices of flavors as well.

A Halloween Hit

Starting in September, Colorado Fondue Company becomes the best Halloween themed restaurant in Central Florida. There are Halloween decorations everywhere, top to bottom. It starts in the lobby and extends to the very last corner of the dining room.

Keep your eyes open and pay close attention to detail. Lighting effects bathe the entire restaurant in a spooky, but not scary, light. Candles are everywhere. Jack-o-latterns of varying styles grin as diners browse the menu. Halloween movie clips are played on a TV above the electric fireplace. Happy haunts materialize near the entrance of the kitchen.

There’s even seasonal menu items to complete the Halloween dining experience. The seasonal salad didn’t do much for me, I’ll stick with their Mountain Mix or their Cesar salad next time, but my dining companions loved the seasonal butternut squash soup. The seasonal cheese fondue is ghoulishly spicy with ghost pepper, but not overbearing. And the Halloween cocktail menu is alluring, with drinks only $5.50-$6.50!

To round out the Halloween mood, 80’s music and themes from popular Halloween movies waft over the air. Movie posters replace the regular wall adornments. Everywhere you turn, dining at Colorado Fondue Company during Halloween time is enchanting.

Tips and info

  • The entrees are served with house, made from scratch, sauces. Try each one! I recommend the dill with the veggies, honey mustard with the chicken and pork, and the teriyaki with the steak and shrimp.
  • If you’re too full for dessert, get it to go. They’ll place the unmelted chocolate Fondue in a container for you to warm up at home plus all the accompaniments.
  • They often have incredible beer, wine, and mixed drink specials.
  • Check on their Facebook page for dining specials.
  • Make reservations. 407-767-8232

Colorado Fondue Company

1016 State Road 436

Casselberry FL 32707



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