Central Florida Suburbs

How to Have a Downtown Sanford Date at Home

One of the activities I miss the most, during this time of quarantine, is strolling through historic downtown Sanford. There are so many cafes, breweries, shops, and restaurants here. Each one has its own charm and character, and it’s always been delightful to hop from one to the other during an afternoon or evening outing. Since hopping around downtown Sanford is not an option right now,  my husband and I had our own date at home inspired by #Sanfording. We ordered take out from Smiling Bison and picked up a round of cocktails from Bitters and Brass.

Both of these establishments are well known both in Sanford, and throughout Central Florida. Each have a historic atmosphere, and it is shame we cannot sit and sip, or dine, inside the enchanting spaces they offer. Still, both Smiling Bison and Bitters and Brass have made it possible to enjoy their creative flavors from the comfort of your own home.

Smiling Bison has an easy-to-use website at which you can order online. A variety of delicious entrees, salads, sides, and a few pantry items like jams and even toilet paper can be added to your order. You select the time you would like to pick up your order, and your payment information. This makes it incredibly convenient, and reduces the amount person to person contact you have.

My husband selected their savory and satisfying Beef Burger. It traveled well – and did not dry out while sitting during the 20 minute ride back to our house. I opted for the Heirloom Tomato Salad – craving fresh veggies. It satisfied by desire for fresh vegetables and a bright, healthy dinner. I added an egg for a little extra protein.

Bitters and Brass does not have an online order system. However, you can check their Facebook page for availability of their craft cocktails, and let them know what cocktails you would like via private message. Payment is collected once you arrive to pick up your drinks. Each delicious cocktail is served in a glass bottle and is enough for 2-3 servings. Since we have our own homemade tiki bar, we selected the Honi Honi (a version of a Mai Tai made with bourbon). It yielded three very strong tiki cocktails for us – which we gladly sipped while we listened to tiki music at our own Lost Landshark Bar.

Our temporary way of life may be frustrating or stressful at times, but there are new blessings to be found too. My husband and I have a new appreciation for creating fun date nights at home, with the helpful savvy restaurants who have created easy to use, and safe, carry out options. 

What are some of your favorite restaurants from which to order carry out? 


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