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A Not So Fond Farewell to Red Cypress Brewery

I sat in my car, leaving a meeting in Winter Springs. I looked down at my phone while still parked and opened Facebook Messenger. A friend sent a screenshot, from Red Cypress Brewery’s Facebook page, my jaw dropped. A small sprinkle of tears filled the corners of my eyes. They’re closing.

I called my husband, “hey babe, you know how we were just at Red Cypress tonight? Yeah, I’m going back. They’re closing. You want a t-shirt or socks or something?”

A few minutes later I walked back in Red Cypress. It was 9:00 PM on a Monday. The news had spread and there were plenty of others like me rushing in to snag merchandise and beer. Only 10 days remained for Red Cypress Brewery’s existence.


It’s personal

This is the site of my first date with the man who is now my husband. We met on a dating app and when we made arrangements to meet for the first time I had originally wanted to avoid any place that serves alcohol (it was my own personal rule for first dates). However, based on our schedules and living locations we decided to meet at Red Cypress; I had never been and it was on my list of places to visit. I have such cherished memories of that night.

As our relationship blossomed we would often meet up at Red Cypress. We invited friends for fun group hang outs. When family was in town we’d proudly take them there, wanting to show off our favorite neighborhood gathering place. One night we gathered for “The Simpsons” trivia night – we dominated the competition!

I loved their “Namaste and Drink” yoga on Sunday mornings. I regret not going to this more often. We also recently joined up with the Red Cypress Brewery Run Club and had hoped to take part in these runs on a regular basis.

But the most personal and heartbreaking part of this personal loss is that we got married here. Holding our ceremony and reception at the site of our first date and so many great memories with friends and family meant so much to us. Everyone had a great time. We had anticipated being able to visit the site of our wedding on a regular basis. I am truly grieving at this loss.

Loyalty is a fickle thing

The beer at Red Cypress is my favorite among all other craft breweries in the area. Always flavorful, creative, and high quality. Even the labels on their beer cans are creative and memorable.

Whenever we would stop in at a restaurant or bar that serves Red Cypress beer, especially at Disney Springs, we would be sure to order up at least one pint, as our small contribution to helping their distribution sales.

But we must remember that loyalty on a customer’s part does not guarantee loyalty and longevity on the business’ part. We must remember all the various hands that are in the pot and behind the scenes.

The word on the street is that despite business being strong, things did not work out for Red Cypress Brewery’s owner, or perhaps because of the owner. It is not clear, and we all know how rumors go. Admittedly the prospect that this beloved brewery did not make it because of financial mismanagement angers me. But it is merely a rumor and I must let it go.

Change is the only constant thing in life. It is often the condition of the human existence to have to let go of the things we cannot control. I just honestly never thought I’d see the day that Red Cypress Brewery ran dry.


1 thought on “A Not So Fond Farewell to Red Cypress Brewery”

  1. This announcement caught a lot of folks by surprise–RCB seemed like one of the OG’s of local brewing. I didn’t visit regularly, but I don’t go to breweries that often generally, so percentage-wise, this one has been in my top 3 for sure.

    I didn’t know you were married there! What a super bummer to see it close, having that connection (and the first date, of course). I attended a friend’s baby shower there, and the Growler Relay was held there recently (back and forth from there and Ten10). That was such a fun race, and my team will be bummed that it won’t happen there again.

    But you’re right about the only constant being change. Carpe diem, right? Let’s toast the good memories.

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