Florida Life

Rocco’s Tacos Rocks!

Rocco's Tacos is a Florida original. It's fresh, it's vibrant, it totally rocks! Having found much success in South Florida, with four very popular locations including West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, owner Rocco Mangel set his sights on Orlando. I am so very glad he did. High Class Hacienda On the night of my… Continue reading Rocco’s Tacos Rocks!


Bummed about Bloodhound Brew

In a moment of spontaneity, I finally ventured off to visit Bloodhound Brew. There's been plenty of talk about this "pub & eatery", especially amongst the hospitality crowd. When they first opened I jumped online to view their menu and was immediately intrigued by the "frog dog", a vegetarian sausage. Plenty of other creative, seemingly elevated bar and… Continue reading Bummed about Bloodhound Brew


Dining Diversions

Munching on out-of-the-ordinary food is part of the fun when visiting Orlando's theme parks.  However, there is a lot of discovery and relaxation to be had when taking a break from the theme parks for a short bit to head to one of the nearby restaurants.  You can enhance your day in the parks by… Continue reading Dining Diversions


The Remarkable Restaurant Row

  A few short decades ago it would have been difficult to imagine Orlando as a culinary destination.  However, as the years go by delectable dishes can be found throughout this most magical of cities.  Tucked in between the attractions area and the edge of the residential area sits Orlando's restaurant row.  This two mile… Continue reading The Remarkable Restaurant Row