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Seasons Come and Seasons Go


My husband and I sank our teeth in the dark pink flesh of watermelon.  The sweet, sticky juice dripped down our chins and onto our fingers.  I enjoyed the cool taste of Summer.  Moments later, I wrapped the remaining slices in plastic and began placing them in the refrigerator.  Suddenly, it hit me.  For so many, summer is over.  Am I ready to move on?

The last taste of Summer….?

Here in Orlando, seasons tend to move pretty quickly.  Our schools go back early.  Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando begins this year on September 21st.  My personal favorite, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party(aka MNSSHP)  begins its spooky fun even earlier, September 11th!  And of course Christmastime would not be Christmastime if it didn’t begin the second week of November.

Still, it’s way too early to move on.  The sun is still blazing.  Humidity still engulfs the air and black thunderclouds still swoop in for a quick afternoon brawl.  Yet, as I roam my neighborhood pharmacy store, clearance priced Summer toys share shelf space with Halloween candy.  Friends are posting pictures of their bottles of Octoberfest and pumpkin flavored beer fresh from the grocery store shelves.

We are such a fickle society aren’t we?  Don’t get me wrong, I adore all that Autumn in Orlando has to offer.  I simply adore MNSSHP and count down the days left until Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  I shine when Christmastime begins in our theme parks, that’s when it is perfectly okay for me to begin decorating my home.  But, Autumn is moving in way too fast in the retail world.

Merry Halloween! Where’s Jack Skellington when you need him?

I know that this craze of placing seasonal merchandise on the shelves two months too early is a runaway train.  It cannot be stopped.  Last year, while shopping at my local store represented by a bullseye, a Halloween marketing sign hung above  reindeer and other outdoor Christmas decorations (pictured left).  Did we not learn anything from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”? Apparently consumers do buy into buying their seasonal goodies early.  Still, I can’t help but get agitated, frustrated, and exasperated.

Life moves fast enough.  Slow down!  Savor the flavors of the season,… the one we are still actually in!



6 thoughts on “Seasons Come and Seasons Go”

  1. AMEN! Had a friend over the other day who flat out refused to wear shorts anymore. So in 85 degree + awful humidity weather, she was in jeans and a long shirt. Me? I could live in this summer forever 🙂 (minus the slightly atrocious humidity we’ve had with all the thunderstorms)

  2. It was 101 degrees, according to my car thermometer the other day, when I got off work at 6:00pm. That watermelon could have come in handy. I cannot wait for Halloween horror nights and for the weather to cool down.

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