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Rocco’s Tacos Rocks!

Rocco’s Tacos is a Florida original. It’s fresh, it’s vibrant, it totally rocks! Having found much success in South Florida, with four very popular locations including West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, owner Rocco Mangel set his sights on Orlando. I am so very glad he did.

High Class Hacienda

On the night of my visit I immediately took notice of the packed parking lot. I feared the worst. What would my wait time be? Thirty, forty minutes? Instead when my friend and I walked past the outdoor bar (which played host to a Lockheed Martin private party) and up to the hostess stand we were pleased that despite how busy it was inside, three additional bars and an inviting back patio offered available space.

The amount of seating is pretty impressive, after all space is a premium along Orlando’s Restaurant Row. The amount of bars and a DJ booth made it clear; this place is meant for fun. We walked past table after table of Orlando professionals decompressing after work and sat along the edge of the back patio, over looking a little lake. The atmosphere on the back patio is very relaxing, and with lanterns hanging from the trees, quite enchanting.

Marvelous Mexican Menu

The drink menu is impressive. Classic, well known cocktails are reinvented using a variety of tequila. I opted for the skinny margarita which was very refreshing and my friend enjoyed a glass of sangria. The food is contemporary high class Mexican fare. Some of the prices are on the slightly high side, but the portions and quality match up, overall the prices are reasonable. You can also opt to order a variety of tacos a la carte, offered in eight flavors including chorizo as well as shrimp.

Photo courtesy of roccostacos.com

Attempting to stay on the healthier side, I ordered the Mexican cobb salad (without cheese or avocados). A juicy, flavorful chicken breast topped a massive bed of bright, fresh veggies. I couldn’t get enough. My friend ordered a chicken taco with a side salad and said to love every bite of both. It was tempting to order the tableside guacamole, but alas we resisted. However, we came across countless tables who indulged and the end result looked delightful.

I’ll be back…

Directly after work hours Rocco’s Tacos plays host to those ready to unwind from the workday. As the evening progresses more party people pile in, ready to live la vida noche. With high quality food and inventive drinks, Rocco’s Tacos is a welcome addition to Orlando’s already impressive dining line-up. I will definitely be back, and I recommend you pay a visit too.

7468 West Sand Lake Road  Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 226-0550




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