Main Event bowls us over at Pointe Orlando 

It's hard to believe that I have been visiting Pointe Orlando for about fifteen years now. This shopping and dining complex has evolved over the years and perhaps has some more changes to go through. However, the collection of restaurants is top notch and a great selection for its main clientelle: those that are in… Continue reading Main Event bowls us over at Pointe Orlando 


The Remarkable Restaurant Row

  A few short decades ago it would have been difficult to imagine Orlando as a culinary destination.  However, as the years go by delectable dishes can be found throughout this most magical of cities.  Tucked in between the attractions area and the edge of the residential area sits Orlando's restaurant row.  This two mile… Continue reading The Remarkable Restaurant Row


Stay in Your Zone – Orlando Districts

Orlando is not like other US tourism destinations.  It's spread out.  Oodles of time and energy will be wasted if your hotel is not in the area of the attractions that interest you most. Hotels in Orlando are as varied as the cereal aisle in your local grocery store.  With the hope of helping you… Continue reading Stay in Your Zone – Orlando Districts