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ThisFloridaLife Top 3 of 2013: The Beach

That time of year has come, the end of the year in fact. 2013 was quite a year here at ThisFloridaLife. In case you missed any of the greatest moments I am counting down my Top 3 Posts over the next three days. Since much of the country is in the throws of Winter, let's… Continue reading ThisFloridaLife Top 3 of 2013: The Beach

The Beach

What a Wonder-ful view in South Beach

One of my (former) favorite talking points is that as a Native Floridian I had never been to South Beach - Miami, FL. I know... can you believe it? Finding a way to deal with the 8 hour drive back from Key West to Orlando, an overnight stay in South Beach was definitely in order.… Continue reading What a Wonder-ful view in South Beach

The Beach

Half & Half: Hollywood, Florida (Part Two)

The morning was delightful, filled with the  type of activities we had hoped for when planning this trip to Hollywood, Florida.  Breakfast with a breathtaking view of the ocean, quiet time while reading a Jimmy Buffett novel along the water, finding a great spot on the beach and spending a few hours nestled in the… Continue reading Half & Half: Hollywood, Florida (Part Two)