Florida Life

Why We Built a Tiki Bar in Our Home

Thank God the tiki bar is open - Jimmy Buffett. Our family room now has a tiki bar in it and there's one good reason why: we have a baby. Treasured Tiki Mugs You see, one morning my husband and I sat at our kitchen table gazing at our collection of tiki mugs. Our baby… Continue reading Why We Built a Tiki Bar in Our Home

The Beach

Half & Half: Hollywood, Florida (Part Two)

The morning was delightful, filled with the  type of activities we had hoped for when planning this trip to Hollywood, Florida.  Breakfast with a breathtaking view of the ocean, quiet time while reading a Jimmy Buffett novel along the water, finding a great spot on the beach and spending a few hours nestled in the… Continue reading Half & Half: Hollywood, Florida (Part Two)