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Thank Goodness for Florida Hospital Altamonte

When I created thisfloridalife I had no intention of writing a post such as this one.  But alas on Friday afternoon I drove frantically through horrible traffic to get to a wellness clinic.  I fluctuated between shivering and sweating.  After waiting forty minutes for fluorescent lights to be changed, and therefore for the nurse to be willing to see me, it was discovered that I had an 103 degree fever.  Then, I disclosed that  lower back muscles ached excruciatingly; the nurse told me to go to the emergency room.

A semi-frenzied drive led me to Florida Hospital Altamonte.  The reason that I feel it necessary to write a post about this experience is a) to explain my few days’ absence from my blogging duties and b) because I was so impressed by the treatment I received.  I arrived flushed, tearful, and scared.  I had never felt like this in my life.  Sure, I had to sit on uncomfortable chairs and wait an hour or a little more, but the staff was incredibly nice and well organized.  They had a great system.  It was easy to know what step was next.

When I was brought to my first room, I felt very comfortable and comforted.  The nurses and x-ray technician were extremely kind and friendly.  I received an IV for the first time in a my life.  After a few hours of tests and being re-hydrated I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  So here I sit fighting this yucky, terrible infection. That Friday night,  I spent about six hours at the ER of Florida Hospital Altamonte and I can tell you every single staff person I encountered was friendly and helpful.  Hopefully I will not have a need to go there again anytime soon, but should the need arise I will not hesitate to go there.


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