Florida Life, Orlando

Signs of Halloween in Orlando

  And so it begins.  The kids just started school again, the lull in tourism creeps in for the next month, and that means one thing.  It is time to get ready for Halloween in Orlando.  As is customary in Orlando, Halloween and Christmas start early.  Maximize that revenue baby!  Every year I look forward… Continue reading Signs of Halloween in Orlando


Pre-Isaac Visit to Universal Studios

It had been too long.  About four weeks ago we made the spontaneous purchase of our Universal Orlando Annual Passes.  However, we had only been twice during that time (thank you pneumonia).  We were overdue.  And yet, Isaac loomed.  And, we had youngest stepson with us, who had never been to Universal.  Time to buy… Continue reading Pre-Isaac Visit to Universal Studios

My Second Homes, Orlando

Dapper Day at Disney

Once upon a time, society cared about how they presented themselves.  Stepping out in public for any reason meant dressing well and putting your best foot forward.  Now, for better or for worse, we are a culture of casual.  The extreme shift does make me quite sad as I have always been a romantic and… Continue reading Dapper Day at Disney

Central Florida Suburbs

The Hourglass Brewery: Time Well Spent

Nestled inside a set of three, small, white home-like buildings sits the Hourglass Brewery and Tap Room.  You'll find this unique, local brewery in Longwood, Florida neighboring the historic district.  Really, there is no place like it in the area.  Here you can enjoy a wide variety of beer brewed on-site.  The Hourglass sells their… Continue reading The Hourglass Brewery: Time Well Spent

Florida Life

Another Summer, Another Hurricane

  Hurricanes and tropical storms are an annual occurrence. As a Native Central Floridian, I was raised to pay attention to them, take them seriously, and be prepared. So far this season has been fairly quiet. But as any Floridian knows, the worst is yet to come. My second favorite time of year is approaching,… Continue reading Another Summer, Another Hurricane

Central Florida Suburbs

Just Keep Growing Part Two: Central Florida Zoo Expansion

A few weeks ago I wrote about the potential Central Florida Zoo expansion.   I am happy to report that the Seminole County Commissioners approved the purchase of the land required to make the expansion possible! Here is the Orlando Sentinel article about it.  Great news for Central Florida! And here is my original post "Just… Continue reading Just Keep Growing Part Two: Central Florida Zoo Expansion

Central Florida Suburbs

Casually Country: Breakfast Club of Casselberry

The Breakfast Club of Casselberry is not a gourmet establishment, nor is it meant to be. It offers a small hometown experience in an Orlando suburb.  It is casual and country, and I like it that way. Sometimes I want a reminder that Florida has some Southern, country culture to be found, and that's what… Continue reading Casually Country: Breakfast Club of Casselberry

Florida Life

Florida Heat: Blog on Fire Award

Yesterday I came across a comment on thisfloridalife that delighted me.  This little blog of mine was selected by MuddyMommy as a "Blog on Fire"!  It is my first blog award, so I am very thankful and honored! Essentially, there are blog awards throughout the blogosphere.  Fellow bloggers and other folks nominate blogs that inspire… Continue reading Florida Heat: Blog on Fire Award


Appreciation for Animal Kingdom

It may not be the most attended of Disney’s theme parks, but it is very dear to me. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest of the Disney parks and could be considered the most underrated. The wild child of the Disney theme park family, offers unique entertainment, a few thrilling rides, and distinctive details not… Continue reading Appreciation for Animal Kingdom