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Florida Heat: Blog on Fire Award

Yesterday I came across a comment on thisfloridalife that delighted me.  This little blog of mine was selected by MuddyMommy as a “Blog on Fire”!  It is my first blog award, so I am very thankful and honored!

Essentially, there are blog awards throughout the blogosphere.  Fellow bloggers and other folks nominate blogs that inspire them, that they find to be unique , or that provide quality content.

The rules of this particular award are that being a recipient, I now return the favor and select 8 blogs that I feel are on fire.

Before I share my picks, I just want to say thank you for reading thisfloridalife.  It has only been a month and a half, but my hope is that I can share the warmth, excitement, and joy of living thisfloridalife for residents, visitors, and daydreamers.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, you are always welcome to email me at thisfloridalife@gmail.com.

Dani’s Picks for the “Blog on Fire” Award:

  • The Daily Norm – one of the first blogs I followed, the author offers a great perspective of living in London and venturing through Europe with the help of his artistic creations “the Norms”.
  • Roads America – a look at a journey across America – smart, funny, and brief posts from the road
  • Retiree Diary – full of pictures and posts from around the world, a taste of the retired life I hope to some day enjoy (40 years from now)
  • Disney Chronicles – this is a great blog for those wanting some Disney pixie dust in their life.
  • Shoestring Weekends – dreaming of Key West?  This  blog offers little snippets and places of interest throughout Key West.
  • Florida Adventurer –  a great choice for readers of thisfloridalife, however, this blog shows off Florida’s rugged, adventurous side.
  • Fives on the Fly – follow a special family of five as they journey through the East coast of America
  • Beauty of Florida – the kindred spirit of thisfloridalife, with a focus on photography.

Once again, thanks to Muddy Mommy for the award, and to those that I selected: thanks for creating such fun, interesting blogs.  Share and pass on the  love!


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