Central Florida Suburbs

Casually Country: Breakfast Club of Casselberry

The Breakfast Club of Casselberry is not a gourmet establishment, nor is it meant to be. It offers a small hometown experience in an Orlando suburb.  It is casual and country, and I like it that way. Sometimes I want a reminder that Florida has some Southern, country culture to be found, and that's what… Continue reading Casually Country: Breakfast Club of Casselberry

Central Florida Suburbs

Max & Meme Cafe: Longwood, FL

A large breakfast was in order.  As my battle with pneumonia continues, the doctor advised me to eat well prior to each dose of the antibiotic.  And so on my way home from the doctor, I decided to try a new "mom and pop" cafe. Max and Meme Cafe sits along Longwood, FL's 434.  The… Continue reading Max & Meme Cafe: Longwood, FL