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Dapper Day at Disney

Once upon a time, society cared about how they presented themselves.  Stepping out in public for any reason meant dressing well and putting your best foot forward.  Now, for better or for worse, we are a culture of casual.  The extreme shift does make me quite sad as I have always been a romantic and had a flair for the nostalgic.  Thankfully, a group of super hip people have put together a fun event at Disneyland and Walt Disney World called “Dapper Day”.

Dressing well at Disneyland (Source:

Sadly, I JUST found out about this event and wish I had known about it sooner.  Essentially, Dapper Day takes place once in the Fall and once in the Winter (which is brilliant considering it is too hot in the Spring and Summer to dress up).  The event is almost simultaneous on each coast and this year includes Disneyland Paris (oh la la).

Check out the official site here.

Personally, I plan on gathering my best Disney pals and dressing to the nines.  We will take part in Dapper Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios the evening of September 8, 2012.  This marks my first time attending the event and I am super jazzed.

What do you think of this event?  Are you going to join in?


6 thoughts on “Dapper Day at Disney”

  1. That is awesome. I never heard of this either, until now. I would love to take part in this, except we won’t be there until after Thanksgiving. Do you know when the Winter event is taking place?


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