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The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife

In two weeks we will celebrate six years since my very first post on ThisFloridaLife. On 7/7/2012 I hit ‘publish’ on my little blog. What started as a fun way to do something I love: write, has become a way for me to connect with others and share the joys of life, and specifically the joys of living ThisFloridaLife.

I’ve never monetized my blog. This is not how I make a living. I’ve never paid to gain more followers or pulled any crazy social media stunts (at least on purpose). Every single one of you, my Florida Lifers, are here reading this, organically.

In the first few years, my dedication to this site ebbed and flowed. A large influence back then wasn’t pleased with how much attention I devoted to writing and to @thisfloridalife on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve since learned that people who want to stifle something healthy that brings you joy have no place in your life. Those that have been following along since the beginning have seen me through my first marriage, my divorce, my time being single and rebuilding, dating again, and then finding a wonderful man who I’ve married and made a family with. I am thankful for this journey.

To celebrate these past six years I offer my favorite six blog posts on ThisFloridaLife. Also, to celebrate, we’ll be gathering at the Orlando Margaritaville Cafe on Saturday 7/7, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Come on by!

Invitation to Margaritaville Orlando on Saturday 7/7

And now for my favorite six blog posts from the past six years:


2 thoughts on “The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife”

  1. Congrats on 6 years ~ lots of changes for you during that span. Some happy. Some sad. Glad you’re enjoying the journey with your new family & fans!

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