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The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife

In two weeks we will celebrate six years since my very first post on ThisFloridaLife. On 7/7/2012 I hit 'publish' on my little blog. What started as a fun way to do something I love: write, has become a way for me to connect with others and share the joys of life, and specifically the… Continue reading The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife

Florida Life

The third anniversary of ThisFloridaLife

Little did I know three years ago on 7/7 that I'd be here. What started as a vehicle for me to explore my homestate and share what a good life ThisFloridaLife is, has become a part of me. Because of my writing I've met so many wonderful people, forging new partnerships and friendships. Many of… Continue reading The third anniversary of ThisFloridaLife

Florida Life

The First Year of ThisFloridaLife

One year ago, on 7/7, I started ThisFloridaLife. The goal: share my love for my homestate and discover more of my own background. Little did I know how important this goal would be for me and how my lifestyle would be enhanced. In honor of the one year anniversary, I'd like to share the highlights… Continue reading The First Year of ThisFloridaLife