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Our new obsession: Tiki bar project

For Father’s Day, I unleashed a monster. Without realizing it, I’ve started us on a nautical journey, centered around our home. I’ve gave my husband a copy of Brandon Keyla’s new book The Field Guide to Tiki Decorating, and our new obsession is born.

With our pretty impressive collection of tiki mugs, both from the original Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki bar in Anaheim and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto here in Orlando, we wanted to create a dedicated space. We also have a few from Norwegian Cruise Line, the Mai Kai, and Tiki’s in Oahu.

As soon as Illinois Boy husband opened the pages of Trader Brandon’s book, we heard the tribal drums. The Tiki gods beckoned us to think bigger and explore. Now, we have a backstory, as suggested by the field guide, and we’re ready to begin the transformation. This will be an ongoing project, and we’ll log our progress here on ThisFloridaLife. For now, here’s our Before pictures.

Happy Father’s Day!


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