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Wekiva Island Cabanas: The best way to celebrate a special occasion 

Wekiva Island is a paradise that evokes the true spirit of Florida. Natural, beautiful, a casual watering hole where sun and water worshippers congregate to celebrate the beauty of Florida.

wekiva island florida bar river

Ever since my first visit to “the island” years ago I’ve dreamed of renting a river cabana to spend an entire day enjoying Florida life. That dream came true for my birthday this year and it was everything I hoped it be. If you’re considering celebrating a special occasion or hosting a gathering of friends and family, here’s what makes renting a cabana at Wekiva Island a great choice.


Shade and seating at Wekiva Island private cabanas

Even during cooler months, having a shady spot to take a break from the sun is essential. This is the sunshine state, after all, and while it’s good to worship the sun, all things are best in moderation. The riverside cabanas of Wekiva Island have plenty of space and provide an oasis of shade. There is comfortable, cushy seating for about six adults inside the cabana plus two Adirondack chairs you can move closer to the water or keep near the shade of the cabana.


Grill out at your own Wekiva Island cabana

The group of six cabanas shares access to four propane grills tucked just behind the cabanas. These grills are fueled and ready for use. Although Wekiva Island has its own food truck style grill, serving a variety of great food just perfect for enjoying outdoors, it is nice having a grill to use.

Note that outside food and drinks are not allowed, unless you are renting a cabana. Outside alcohol is not allowed.


We had about 12 people at cabana; how lovely it was to have so many great people with which to celebrate my birthday. My boyfriend and I brought two packs of hot dogs, buns, condiments, large bags of chips, and fresh fruit. A friend brought some broccoli and corn on the cob. We grilled the hot dogs and veggies; our friends quickly devoured it all, there’s nothing like cooking outside over an open flame. What a treat, enjoying grilled goodness while savoring the sunny Florida weather as we sat along the river.

A piece of paradise

Having our own cookout helped continue the feeling that we had our own exclusive piece img_9169of paradise. I played a special Spotify playlist I had made just for this day on a Bluetooth speaker. We sipped on cold beer from the bar, played a few games, and I took turns catching up with everyone. Everyone remarked on how much they enjoyed the setting and how nice it was to have our own piece of the Island to ourselves.

There is no doubt that I will rent a cabana again the next time I want a special venue to celebration an occasion with family and friends. It makes for a welcoming, casual setting and the ability to have our own space made it possible to catch up and connect with some great people that I am very lucky to have in my life.

Rates range from $85 on weekdays, $110 on weekends and holidays for a regular cabana like the one we had, to $110 – $185 for larger cabanas.

Wekiva Island

(407) 864-2003
Reservations & Events Line

1014 Miami Springs Drive
Longwood, FL 32779


3 thoughts on “Wekiva Island Cabanas: The best way to celebrate a special occasion ”

  1. How nice, Dani! Sounds like a wonderful
    birthday celebration at an island off the
    mainland! Can folks take a ferry to get
    to this getaway?
    meg, Sacramento CA

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