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Have your best Wednesday ever at Wekiva Island

More and more we as a society are finding ways to enjoy ourselves during the week rather than waiting for the weekend to have our fun. Thursday is now Friday Junior, Little Friday, or Friday’s Eve, so what does that mean for Wednesday? Allow me to introduce you to Wekiva Wednesdays at Wekiva Island.

Wekiva Wednesdays

Nearly every Wednesday, Wekiva Island hosts a gathering inside their rustic and luscious Tooting Otter Wine Bar. There are three different Wekiva Wednesdays.

  • Brew Review
  • Wine Down Wednesdays
  • Wine and Paint

These evenings start at 6:00 PM and can be booked online. The price is $20 for the Brew Review or Wine Down Wednesday. Both of these evenings include 5-7 tastings of craft beer (Brew Review) or wine (Wine Down), plus a full glass of your favorite of the tastings. Light appetizers are included as well. It is $25 for Wine and Paint night, which includes a glass of wine, light snacks, and painting supplies.


Wine Down Wednesday

I attended a Wine Down Wednesday recently and had a fantastic time. The sun had begun to set as I arrived to find a much mellower and quieter Wekiva Island to which I am accustomed. A few patrons lingered along the water, more gathered around the outdoor bar. I headed inside the wine bar.

Warm, rustic, comfortable and inviting, I immediately felt relaxed and ready to enjoy the wine tasting. I pulled up a seat at a table already occupied by a kind couple of snowbirds down for the winter from Lexington, KY.



Before us laid a beautiful spread of wine bottles and two large platters of cheese, meat, breads, crackers, olives, and pickles. This is my kind of Wednesday! Two representatives from the beverage distribution company made the rounds and started us off with a tasting of White Knight Prosecco. Crisp and light, a great start!

We progressed from light white wines to alternative red blends (my favorites!) and ended on sumptuous red varietals. I am not a wine connoisseur, though I know enough to get by, or at least to the bottom of a glass. I appreciated the casual, friendly approach of this wine tasting. It felt like being in the living room of a friend’s house.


In the end we sampled ten wines!! Admittedly this is a bit above the norm, you can expect to sample 5-7 wines. As the evening wrapped up we were able to have a large serving of one wine of our choosing. Of course a wine tasting wouldn’t be a wine tasting without some good prices on purchasing the wine we tried.


No hard sales pitch here, simply a price list and the other to box up our purchases, and mix and match cases. I treated myself to six bottles, three each of my two of my favorites of the night. I’ve never treated myself to such a purchase and it felt nice to commemorate  this fun and relaxing night in such a way.


I had a splendid time at Wekiva Island’s Wine Down Wednesday. I’ve been bragging about it to many friends and family. I know I’ll visit again, and I am looking forward to experiencing one of the upcoming Brew Reviews too! Wekiva Island is one of my favorite places in all of Central Florida and their Wekiva Wednesdays are an evening to which to raise a glass, cheers!

Wekiva Island

1014 Miami Springs Drive
Longwood, FL 32779

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