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Fearing the unknown: conquering fear and making a difference

Like to see people freak out and being scared? Read on…

Just one of the many faces I make when I’m scared – photo source: Universal Orlando

Fear is a funny thing. It can make us do some crazy stuff, but mostly it causes us to do nothing at all. Few things are scarier than cancer. And the more I learn about it, the scarier brain cancer becomes. The scarier thing is that we don’t know a whole lot about brain cancer, relative to other types of cancer. And we need to get out of the dark.

Two years ago my friends, family, and followers helped me face my fears while I raised money for breast cancer research. I made it my goal to raise $750 and if I did I would face my fears at Halloween Horror Nights 25. With incredible support from many of you I reached my goal, and screamed my head off at HHN 25.

It’s time to push myself even further. Face bigger challenges and make a bigger difference.


I am not a runner. But I am going to become one. I will run my first 5K at Melissa’s Race to Battle Brain Cancer on April 29th. I’ve participated in 5K events before, but I’ve never actually run one. Not only is it my goal to run in Melissa’s Race, but I want to raise at least $500 to battle brain cancer and thus fund more research.

Help me make a difference.

Please make a donation to my fundraiser page in Melissa’s Race.

If I reach my goal of $500 I will release GoPro video of me riding three thrill rides for the first time. This footage will not be edited by me in any way, in fact I’ve selected a video editor that is sure to make it an incredibly embarrassing video.

See? Look how much of a wimp I am!

Want to up the ante?

If I reach or surpass a stretch goal of $800 then I’ll allow my Twitter followers to vote and decide on a thrill ride that I’ll have to ride, one that I’ve never ever wanted to do like Expedition Everest or Test Track, and of course it will all be filmed too.

Right now a diagnosis of brain cancer is essentially a death sentence. It is a type of cancer we don’t know that much about. It is an unknown. And perhaps our greatest fears revolve around the unknown. That’s one of the things that scares me about any thrill ride of any kind; I don’t know how I am going to feel on the ride. I don’t know what my body will experience, and that makes me very fearful and uncomfortable.

I’m willing to face more of my faces and push myself to become a runner all in the name of battling brain cancer. But I need your help to do so.

Donate here!


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