A Brief Evening in Splitsville

Every six months the latest round of professional interns for Walt Disney World bids their farewell. Some find a gig with Disney, others do not and sadly head back home. During this time of year it is common to see groups of cast members get together after work to send off the latest group with best wishes. Such was the case tonight at Splitsville for husband’s line of work.

splitsville sign

We arrived early and decided to investigate the new digs. Before we could barely get in the door, two young hostesses kindly asked if we wanted to dine or bowl because bowling currently had a two hour wait. Wow! Is this Soarin’, Toy Story Mania, or a bowling alley. Nice to know the new kid on the block is drawing a crowd. Don’t let this discourage you, Orlando is still riding the wave of holiday travel and Thursdays are a popular night.

Splitsville is a bounty of retro style and good times. The first floor is said to be geared more towards families, while the second floor lends itself to more of an adult atmosphere. It seems word has spread, since that is exactly how we found it this evening. The layout of both floors is quite inviting, pockets of bowling lanes present corners made for socializing rather than a long gauntlet of back to back lanes. Dining booths, lounge style seats, and high-tops near the multiple bars offer a variety of seating situations to fit the needs of different patrons.

Nice pockets of bowling lanes, 4 lanes in a group
Nice pockets of bowling lanes, 4 lanes in a group

IMG_20130103_181547_Karen_FilmOne of the highlights of this venue that I feel will be a big draw for Splitsville are the two outdoor bars.  The upstairs outdoor bar offers plenty of seating and sweeping views of Downtown Disney Westside. Sorry to say, the weather on this particular evening was cold and damp so after one round of drinks (a mouth-watering watermelon martini and a long island iced tea) we headed indoors.

I love these murals, this is my favorite of course. Hand painted too!
I love these murals, this is my favorite of course. Hand painted too!

The energy felt great. Our hearts, and the hearts of many Disney fans and cast members, continues to be broken from the closure of Pleasure Island. Since that time Downtown Disney has been well, in my opinion, a little lame. Sure the shops are nice, and there are some decent dining options, but the energy, the excitement was long gone. Although, nothing will ever be able to replicate the superb, electric atmosphere of Pleasure Island, Splitsville is a much needed addition.

The view from the upstairs bar
The view from the upstairs bar

Splitsville Orlando bar

We did not have the opportunity to bowl, we decided to let the rest of our large group enjoy the main attraction. Besides, we have work in the morning and had a long drive back home. So with that in mind, I am gonna split, but I am certain husband and I will be back and I recommend you give it a visit yourself.

A few pointers…

  • Make a reservation!
  • Everything can be considered kinda pricey, after all this ain’t your neighborhood, old and busted bowling alley and it is on Disney property.
  • There are some nice Disney cast member discounts during off-peak hours and they are thinking about doing a service industry night.
  • Allow yourself time to walk around and check it out.
  • And once again, MAKE A RESERVATION!

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