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Just DO it: how to Do florida

As ThisFloridaLife first came to life, I began to hunt for all things Florida.  One of my most treasured finds is the TV series “how to Do florida“. I kick myself for not having found it sooner.

I have been watching “how to Do florida” for 6 months now and it is high time that I share it with you, the Florida Lifers. Host Chad Crawford is a Native Floridian like myself. He has a bigger love for the outdoors than I do, however, the more episodes I watch the more the itch to get outdoors beckons to be scratched.

This is natural Florida
This is natural Florida

Each episode follows the same format. Two Florida destinations and activities are highlighted in each episode. As Chad dives into these adventures, he shares the basic necessary steps to take in order to do the experience yourself.  The activities range from horseback riding and fishing to hang-gliding and ziplining. The cinematography is stunning, showing off the beauty of Florida and the thrill of the adrenaline pumping moments. To wet your appetite, Chef Justin Timineri shares a recipes and culinary demonstrations featuring Florida’s freshest foods.

Source: howtodoflorida.com
Source: howtodoflorida.com

If you are a Floridian then check the show schedule and start watching! If you live elsewhere then I send you my condolences and invite you to drop by their website for great articles, recipes, and event schedules and order their DVDs. I am very grateful for finding this show and to host Chad Crawford for sharing his love of the magnificent state we call home. “How to Do florida” is in the same spirit of ThisFloridaLife and inspires me to take ThisFloridaLife to the next level.

As always, I encourage you to go enjoy this Florida life, and as Chad would say “get out there and DO Florida!”

A stop at the bayou-side bait shop before venturing out
Cedar Key, FL

4 thoughts on “Just DO it: how to Do florida”

  1. Really wonderful, thanks so much for sharing — I had never seen this either, and being a Native Floridian and avid hiker, it will be a must-see… 🙂

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