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Disney Cast Members Play Ball

Walt Disney World is home to over 60,000 cast members.  Once upon a time, I was one of them.  Tuesday – Thursday nights softball teams comprised of Disney Cast Members get together and play ball. I still know many, many Cast Members  so I decided to head to ESPN Wide World of Sports to catch a game.

It was a walk down memory lane. I spent many Tuesday and Wednesday evenings either playing, or rather attempting to play, softball with my fellow Cast Members or cheering from the stands. Most teams are made up of members of the same department and in other cases different departments intermingle to create stronger partnerships.

These evenings of softball provide a great way for Cast Members to get outdoors, get together, bond, network, and let off steam. As the sun set on the massive sports complex, I enjoyed the familiar sights and sounds. Family and friends of Cast Members, like me, watched and cheered. Fellow Cast Members talked about work both on the field and those in the stands. The latest crop of interns mingling and discussing career goals. It was all very familiar.

Although I am no longer an official Cast Member, I still enjoy the atmosphere and the pixie dust. I have found a different, great company for which to work, a home run really, but these special trips down memory lane make me appreciate the unique experiences Orlando has to offer. It is one of the joys of thisfloridalife.


5 thoughts on “Disney Cast Members Play Ball”

  1. It’s so neat to reminisce with former co-workers. I once upon a time worked in a theme park (non-Disney) and love seeing old friends. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think people that have never worked in a theme park understand the friendship, camaraderie and teamwork that comes from that type of environment. They were some of the best days of my life and I’ve formed lifelong friendships from it.

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