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Just DO it: how to Do florida

As ThisFloridaLife first came to life, I began to hunt for all things Florida.  One of my most treasured finds is the TV series "how to Do florida". I kick myself for not having found it sooner. I have been watching "how to Do florida" for 6 months now and it is high time that… Continue reading Just DO it: how to Do florida

The Beach

Journey to a Private Christmas Island

The cold, crisp air cut through us as we pulled out of the Cedar Key Marina and into open water. The shores of Cedar Key, FL slowly drifted away to our right side while the neighboring islands waited on the nearby horizon. There are few places where you can spend Thanksgiving weekend heading for your… Continue reading Journey to a Private Christmas Island

The Beach

Jet Away to Jetty Park

Today I am daydreaming. I want to go to the beach.  But alas, household chores beckon.  However, just because I cannot make it to the beach this weekend does not mean I can't share one of my favorite Florida beaches with all you Florida Lifers out there. Jetty Park is located in Port Canaveral, Florida… Continue reading Jet Away to Jetty Park

Small towns in Florida, The Beach

A Salty Saturday at Cedar Key – part two (Suwannee River)

One of the many things I love about visiting Cedar Key, Florida is the opportunity to enjoy "mom and pop" restaurants.  This island rests in the Gulf of Mexico, however the waters that hug its shores are not the typical turquoise hue.  This is because the Suwannee River slivers through the South and finds its final destination… Continue reading A Salty Saturday at Cedar Key – part two (Suwannee River)