All Alone in New Fantasyland {Practically}

Every day presents an opportunity for dreams to come true, even small ones. Sometimes you have to be willing to take risks. Husband and I were all set for our second visit to New Fantasyland. We had heard tell that if you arrive early you can get into New Fantasyland before your scheduled preview time. Such was the case for our Disney Vacation Club Member preview. Thus, a small dream came true: we practically had an hour of New Fantasyland all to ourselves.

Now, I cannot promise that this will be the case for others. Our preview time was scheduled for 12pm – 3pm. We arrived at the “gates” of the Enchanted Forest / New Fantasyland around 11:15am. We figured we could ask to go in and worst case scenario be told “no” leaving us open to enjoy Magic Kingdom until our time. Our wishing star came shining through as we were welcomed in with smiles and “Bonjour”.

It was beautiful. A practically empty New Fantasyland waited to be explored. My one and only goal was to experience Enchanted Tales with Belle. I practically leaped with joy when we came upon Maurice’s cottage with only 6 other guests in the area. We waited for Belle and her friends to be ready for us, we explored Maurice’s cottage. When our time came I gazed eagerly at the enchanted mirror. I had heard so much about the amazing transformation of the mirror into a doorway to Beast’s castle. It did not disappoint, in fact, tears filled my eyes.

At this point I will allow the photos to do the rest of the talking.


No lines…Rare indeed
One of my favorite details… Belle’s book with the piece missing because of the sheep.
I’m the salt shaker (or as I liked to say the lost shaker of salt…Jimmy Buffett) and the reluctant Beast.
An empty entrance to Be Our Guest Restaurant
A practically empty Gaston’s Tavern
Scuttle has no one to talk to
Under the Sea party for just us two
A private ride through Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

No line to meet Ariel either


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2 thoughts on “All Alone in New Fantasyland {Practically}”

  1. This is amazing!!! SO so happy you got to have the extra time! 🙂 🙂 Did you go through Be Our Guest? The one thing I am bummed that I didn’t make a priority.

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