Get Some R&R: Kids Want It

So many times I hear from families who express their post-vacation exhaustion. Say it with me now, “I need a vacation from my vacation”. This statement really saddens me.  Vacation in Orlando is not always inexpensive (to put it nicely), and though I believe it is worth every penny, I think it is important to save yourself some money and save much needed energy by taking a day or two off.

Article Shows that Kids Crave Downtime 

Clearwater Beach

I am not alone in having this opinion and here is an article showing that kids crave down time. There is so much to do in Orlando besides the exciting, thrilling theme parks.  As much as I adore them, it is crucial that time is made to relax whether at the hotel pool, visiting Loch Haven Park, enjoying one of Florida’s nearby beaches, or Wekiva Springs.  Whatever the case may be, you’ll feel so much better when you don’t push yourself to get everything “done” and just enjoy.


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