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Counting my Blessings on this Florida Friday


It was a tiring, emotionally exhausting work week. My husband faced some challenges of his own. The events of last night in Colorado infected my mind.  I felt overwhelmed.  And it is in times like these that I thank God, or whatever name you prefer for a high power, that I live in Florida.

On the way home from work I told my husband, who had me on speaker phone, that I wanted to go in the pool when I got home.  “Yes, yes, yes”, I heard my stepson chant enthusiastically.  When I arrived I cursed myself for listening to CNN on the radio while driving home.  My head filled with worry and with questions.  I hugged my husband, went to the bedroom, and collapsed on the bed.  Soon I emerged, dressed in my bathing suit, ready to soak the worries away.

The three of us convened in the pool area.  I grabbed our little ipod radio, turned it and our floor fan on, stacked the towels on the deck chair, and cracked open a Landshark.  The sun stretched its rays out and the glistening pool beckoned.   We splashed and played. We chased each other in circles. Jimmy Buffett’s island music wafted on the breeze.  My stepson recanted his day at Wekiva Springs, Florida with us and ideas of what to do with our day together tomorrow began to form.  We could go to Blue Springs and splash in the chilly, refreshing water.  We could go shopping and dine around Mount Dora, Florida.  Or of course spend a day among the tourists in Walt Disney World.  Maybe head to Cocoa Beach , New Smyrna Beach, or Daytona Beach.  Living in Florida sure has its perks. I am so thankful to be bless to lived my whole life here and to love every minute of it. As I write this post, we aren’t sure which Florida destination will we pick for tomorrow, no matter what we will certainly enjoy thisfloridalife.



8 thoughts on “Counting my Blessings on this Florida Friday”

  1. I saw your Jimmy Buffet frame and it immediately reminded me of the time when I used to work at Margaritaville in Universal Studios…Best food EVER! and a really fun place to work at :). Living in Florida sure has its perks 🙂

    1. Oh man I love it there! We go about once a month or every two months. It is my mission to get there for a happy hour during the summer since it is my one chance to do so (I work during the normal happy hour). I can imagine you would have fun stories about that place!

      1. LOL I do, I do, I should do a whole blog on that theme lol. Happy hours there are amazing. And i’m not being bias when I say that they have (or at least had when I worked there) the best bartenders.

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