Rain Rain DON’T go away: a walk in Disney World

There are many times when I am thankful that I work in the tourism industry.  One of the many benefits of living in Orlando is the ability to enjoy the magical surroundings everyday.  I make it a point to go for a brisk walk after work a few times a week.  Yesterday, I packed my walking shoes, yoga pants, and t-shirt and spent the workday looking forward to my walk…. and then the rain clouds rolled in.

For some, these clouds would have rained on their parade, but for me it was a welcomed sight.  The rain poured while I chipped away at my tasks and reports.  By the time 5:30pm rolled around the temperature had lowered and the clouds prevented the typical summer swelter from making my walk a chore.  I decided to walk through one of Walt Disney World’s most scenic areas: the Epcot Resorts area, which consists of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Disney’s Boardwalk, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach Resorts.

After stretching and walking for a little warm up I decided to head towards the Boardwalk area.  The fantastic thing about this resort area is all of these great hotels have boat transportation to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  These theme parks are also accessible by walking.  Anyone visiting this part of Walt Disney World is sure to see a number of joggers, runners, and walkers throughout the sidewalks and boardwalks of this area.

The walkway leading towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios is right along the water way.  At certain spots I could  peer into the watery world full of vegetation and little, tiny, slender fish.  The tensions of the workday easily melted away as I gazed at all the lovely detail around me.  The boats that transport hotel guests in this area are called “Friendships”. I decided to pause and snap a picture of an approaching Friendship.  True to its namesake, the Friendship slowed down, the captain rang the bell and gave me a wave.

After a few more steps I decided to take a small breather and drink some water.  I walked up to the Boardwalk area where some lovely wood chairs welcomed me to rest.  I breathed in deep and admired the view.  This magical neighborhood of five great hotels, is a favorite spot of mine.

In such an awe-inspiring locale it is easy to want to keep walking.  And so I did.  I continued towards Hollywood Studios and came to an overpass.  I could either continue on the current path, going under the overpass and head to the front gate of the park, which I have done many times, or I could go to the sidewalk on the overpass and continue back toward the Swan and Dolphin.  I choose the latter…. and I am glad I did.  I had never walked this way before.  The sidewalk offered some variety in terrain, with curves and hills.  I welcomed the challenge.  After a good 45 minutes I decided to wrap it up.  And as I finished I was rewarded with another great view.

Share your thoughts…

Do you take the time to slow down and enjoy the view when you are on vacation?  In what ways do you take advantage of your surroundings when you are on vacation?  When you visit the Orlando theme parks do you also make time to exercise?


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