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A Refreshing Commute Home

It is a very rare occasion that a 30 mile commute on Interstate 4 can be enjoyable.  Today was one of those occasions.  And here now is the formula for making such an occasion possible.

STEP ONE:  Get out of work early!  I am very blessed to work for a company that offers half day Fridays during part of the summer.  I have made it my mission to take full advantage of these special Fridays.  After reading much buzz about Starbucks’ free refresher promotion today (pun intended), I decided that partaking in said offer would be a great way to get off the weekend.

STEP TWO:  Visit nearest Starbucks location for free refresher promotion.  Since the nearest location to my workplace is smack dab in the middle of tourist town, I decided to call to make sure they were participating in the offer.  Thank goodness the answer was “yes”.  After a mild traffic jam I pulled into the parking lot and nearly skipped inside.  Then came the choose: very berry hibiscus or island lime (very Florida choices, right?).   I have always been partial to limes and so island lime was mine.

STEP THREE: Get back on I-4 and experience a moment of pure genius.  As traffic around the attractions area became heavy, I sipped and sipped and sipped my island lime goodness.  Jimmy Buffett played on Radio Margaritaville and then it hit me.  There’s two more Starbucks on the way home!  I could try the very berry hibiscus flavor next!

STEP FOUR:  Stop into second Starbucks.  The next location on my commute was off of Kirkman, right across from Universal Orlando.  As I jammed to Radio Margaritaville, JD Spradlin broadcasted live from Margaritaville Cafe Orlando (which is at Universal City Walk).  Terrific!  There I was listening to the broadcast, just across the street.

STEP FIVE:  Enjoy the view.  As I got back into Blue Jean Baby and headed back onto I-4, I drove over a familiar overpass and enjoyed the view.  Attractions on one side, Downtown Orlando on the other.  There was one downside:  the very  berry hibiscus refresher tasted really bad (in my opinion).  But, fighting through traffic made me thankful for something to enjoy.

STEP SIX: Hit up the neighborhood Starbucks for one final free refresher.  After 40 minutes of dealing with the typical I-4 Friday afternoon nonsense I pulled into the drive thru of my local Starbucks.  It.took.forever.  But to enjoy one last free island lime refresher was worth it.  I soon pulled into my driveway and headed to the pool area, took a few sips, and enjoyed thisfloridalife.


8 thoughts on “A Refreshing Commute Home”

  1. After I wrote a review for the refresher, I received a bunch of people at my site. Most came by search engine with the term, “The Starbucks refresher gave me diarrhea.”

    Hahaha. I didnt have that reaction. Thank God. And with you drinking 3 that day, I sure hope you were OK as well. Haha.

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