A Must Watch: Orlando’s Top 10 Must Do’s

As a fledgling travel junkie, most of all when it comes to traveling and discovering Florida, I love hearing about new TV shows featuring the Sunshine State. Though not a new series, I am still super excited about "Orlando's Top 10 Must Do's" which airs tomorrow at 10am on "Women's Entertainment" or "WE". This show… Continue reading A Must Watch: Orlando’s Top 10 Must Do’s

Florida Life

The First Year of ThisFloridaLife

One year ago, on 7/7, I started ThisFloridaLife. The goal: share my love for my homestate and discover more of my own background. Little did I know how important this goal would be for me and how my lifestyle would be enhanced. In honor of the one year anniversary, I'd like to share the highlights… Continue reading The First Year of ThisFloridaLife