A Must Watch: Orlando’s Top 10 Must Do’s

As a fledgling travel junkie, most of all when it comes to traveling and discovering Florida, I love hearing about new TV shows featuring the Sunshine State. Though not a new series, I am still super excited about “Orlando’s Top 10 Must Do’s” which airs tomorrow at 10am on “Women’s Entertainment” or “WE”.

This show is a project from Visit Orlando – the Orlando / Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. I had the pleasure of partnering with Visit Orlando during my college days and am a big fan of the organization.

Check out this Orlando Sentinel article to learn more about the show and how you can watch it.


cinderella castle

5 thoughts on “A Must Watch: Orlando’s Top 10 Must Do’s

  1. I wonder if it will be like Disney’s Must Do’s. If anyone has stayed at a Walt Disney World resort before, they would be familiar with Stacy and the Must Do’s.

    • Judging from the video featured on the Orlando Sentinel link (top right), it reminds me a little of my favorite Florida show “how to Do florida”. Thanks for checking out ThisFloridaLife

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