The best of my OrlandoInformer.com blog posts

Today marks three years since my very first blog post at OrlandoInformer.com! When I started ThisFloridaLife back in July 2012 I hoped to simply share my love of my homestate of Florida and use it as a vehicle for me to explore more of this great state.

After a few months of writing under my belt, and exploring other Florida based blogs, a good friend and coworker encouraged me to apply to be a contributing writer at OrlandoInformer. When I was informed (see what I did there?) that Dan, the original owner of OrlandoInformer, wanted to bring me on, I was ecstatic.

Here is my very first OrlandoInformer blog post, published three years ago today. Funny to me that my first post for OI, which focuses primarily on Universal Orlando, was about Walt Disney World. I definitely focus on Universal a lot more now, especially when writing for OI.

16 honeydukes

Every so often I love the novelty of looking back on some of my earlier work and see how it’s evolved. One thing is for sure, my photography was pretty brutal back then, though it’s not much better now.

I am so grateful to Dan and now to Taylor Strickland, OrlandoInformer’s new owner. Taylor is very ambitious and has accomplished many great things already. I know he is just getting started so if you’ve not been following along, be sure to follow OrlandoInformer on Facebook, Twitter, and / or Instagram.

To further mark this anniversary, here are some of my favorite contributions from the past three years.

I did a series of posts unveiling all the details of some of my favorite areas of Universal Orlando. I spent hours exploring the parks, taking hundreds of photos, and poured over the details, verifying any references to movies, places, or people. Here are some of my favorites from that series:


And if for some reason you want to binge read as many of my OrlandoInformer posts as possible, here’s the link to all of them.


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