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Help me help homeless pets in Orlando

In the Spring of 2015 I could no longer resist the call of wanting a dog. My lovely coworker and friend is a huge dog lover and very much endorsed my will to rescue a dog. I wanted a female, medium size, not too much hair. Instead what I got was a male, medium-large size, and a furry, shedding constantly Border Collie mix named Dodger. He made his way from a farm in Alabama to me in July 2015.

photo 333

His name is Dodger because he dodged death. He was left on the side of the road in late 2014. A very kind family fostered him on their farm in Alabama. But being the cute rascal he is, he befriended one of the baby deer on the farm and soon the two would run off together. The family decided Dodger needed a new forever home and sent his picture around to as many people as they could. Eventually his picture made it to me, through my coworker and friend.

prrteyhoto 2


Now that I know the joys of having a dog in my life, I want to help other pets who are looking for a home. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando houses thousands of animals waiting for their forever home. Dodger and I will be participating in the Paws in the Park event at Lake Eola this weekend.

Help us help homeless pets in Orlando by clicking here to donate to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

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