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Colorado Fondue Company – A Casselberry Classic that continues to warm our hearts

I love Casselberry. But there are a few drawbacks, one being a lack of quality independent restaurants. However, Colorado Fondue Company has stood as Casselberry’s best independent restaurant for years and years. It truly is a treasure, one that has a special place in my heart.


Nearly every family special occasion throughout much of my life has been celebrated here. With Blake and his wonderful staff taking care of us plus a bounty of high quality food, and an enjoyable, social dining experience, we’ve always had a great time. For long time readers, my Florida Lifers, it is no surprise to you that I love themed environments. When themed atmospheres are created outside of premier theme parks, they can sometimes be corny, lacking in authenticity. But Colorado Fondue’s decor is incredibly executed, especially for a small business, about 30 miles away from Orlando’s major attractions area.

The warm, woodsy decor of Colorado Fondue Company
The warm, woodsy decor of Colorado Fondue Company
The dining experience is simply superb perfect for an impressive date night, a memorable family celebration, or even a great night out with friends. As the name indicates, Colorado Fondue’s main event is of course, fondue. But there’s more to it than melty cheese and rich, melted chocolate. You can choose to keep your dinner light or go all in and indulge in four complete courses. It’s hard for me to not go full throttle, but I’ve found my sweet spot to be at three courses: a salad, the hot rock & bouillon, and the divine dessert. Check out the menu here.

The hot rock sizzles as it cooks the tender meat
The hot rock sizzles as it cooks the tender meat
There are two salads from which to choose, the Mountain Mix or the Caser. I waffle back and forth here because both are very flavorful. The red pepper coulis that comes on the Caeser gives it an ever so sweet yet smoky touch and tends to pull me towards choosing it over the Mountain Mix. The next course for us is usually the hot rock and bouillon pot. A plentiful platter of Colorado Lodge Sirloin, Pacific Northwest Chicken, Thai Fusion Shrimp, & Blue Mountain Jerk Pork Tenderloin is accompanied by fresh veggies, potatoes, and perogies, all perfect for going into the bouillon pot. Once we’ve placed the veggies and so forth into the pot we immediately fill up the hot rock with as much meat as possible.

Taking turns to flip over the meat, we fish out the vegetables and other treasures once they have been properly cooked in the pot. They make for great appetizers and sides once the meat is done. All the meat is well seasoned, tender, and juicy. My favorite part of dining at Colorado Fondue is actually the sauces, all of which are made from scratch, in-house. The honey mustard is heavenly with the chicken, the plum teriyaki perfect for the steak and shrimp, and you just have to try the creamy dill inside a cooked mushroom cap. The wine, craft beer, and cocktail list offer a perfect pairing and a great way to toast a special evening.

Seasonal cocktails at Colorado Fondue
Seasonal cocktails at Colorado Fondue
Our evening is always capped off with the sweetest finale of all: chocolate fondue. And chocolate lovers have plenty of reasons to rejoice as there are a variety of sinful chocolate fondue creations from which to choose. During our last visit I was celebrating my birthday (hence the poorly lit pictures taken on my phone – sorry). The dessert dipping platter of fresh strawberries, bananas, grapes, graham crackers, brownies, and marshmallows was topped with a candle. I got a little creative and held a marshmallow over the flame of the candle until it was a little crispy and melty, placed it on a graham cracker and drizzled the warm, gooey chocolate over it. Simply divine!

Don't try this at home
Don’t try this at home
My family and I have been enjoyed Colorado Fondue Company for over two decades. It is one of the treasures of Seminole County and I recommend dining here whether you’re a resident or an adventurous Central Florida visitor. It’s one of the many reasons I love ThisFloridaLife!

1016 E. Semoran Blvd.
Casselberry, Florida  32707



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