Hotel fees and costs you need to budget for

Going on vacation is such a treat. It’s a fantastic privilege that can pay off in so many ways. But if you don’t factor in all the extra costs and budget appropriately your vacation can go from being refreshing and rejuvenating to frustrating and stressful. I’m a hotelier at heart and I am continually surprised, and saddened, whenever I come across guests who did not anticipate different hotel fees and other extra costs that can pop up when staying at a hotel.

resort fee listed under the rate (Source:

In my latest contribution to I explain the different fees and costs that can be encountered at hotels. What is really interesting are the comments at the end of the post. When I was writing the post I expected resort fees and parking costs to be a hot topic for comments, instead the focus is on tipping housekeepers. 

Head over to to read the list of hotel fees and check out the comments too.


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