The Top 5 Bars at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Over the years, so many high-quality bars and lounges have sprouted up throughout Walt Disney World that they almost make the hefty admission price into the parks worth it. I’m unashamed to say I have lots of experience in Disney’s bars and lounges, both in the theme parks and the resort hotels, and I’m going to share that wealth of knowledge with you to help make your vacation as fun and relaxing as possible.

In my latest contribution to OrlandoInformer, I count down the five best bars at Disney World, focusing specifically on those inside the parks. Each venue was judged based on its atmosphere, comfort level, menu, drink quality, service, and accessibility.

(It should be noted that the competition was very tight – the separation in ranking is a very, very thin line. Suffice it to say, the bars inside the Disney theme parks are all top-notch, and you can’t go wrong with a visit to any of them.)

Head over to OrlandoInformer.com to check out the countdown.

1 - yak yeti



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