The Beach

A lovely place to come home to

Many people have said us Floridians live in paradise. So why would we Sunshine State citizens ever need to get away? Yes, it’s true we Floridians enjoy soaking up the sun even in the middle of the work week. For people like me it really is home sweet home. But we too need a getaway once in a while.

My husband and I just reached a milestone anniversary. With short notice he surprised me with a Disney Cruise! We’ve cruised before, in fact, we both occasionally worked aboard the Disney ships for about a year. For me there are very few better vacation experiences than a cruise, especially a Disney Cruise. (More to follow in the coming days about the different wonders of a Disney Cruise in future posts.)

disney cruise mexico

For the first time in our long relationship we experienced a week long cruise. It was bliss! We ventured to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and of course Disney’s private island: Castaway Cay. We even made it a point to visit to each Margaritaville Cafe at each port, marking a bar hopping adventure of four Margaritavilles in 6 days! (We of course started with our favorite, the Orlando Margaritaville Cafe before our cruise departed). At our first post, it felt fantastic to spend a few hours at the original Margaritaville Cafe in Key West. And for the record, the Margaritaville Cafes in the Caribbean and Mexico are owned by a different company as the other cafes, kind of like franchises. The atmosphere at these locations is much more party oriented. Grand Cayman’s cafe has a pool and water slide. While Margaritaville Cozumel is right on the ocean, with steps that lead right into the water, plus a mini water playground. It felt so refreshing to dive into the deep blue sea after a round of drinks. Ok I am totally getting off course.

photo 4

The point I want to make is we had a wonderful, magical time and naturally it was tough to disembark the ship yesterday morning. However, after just a few minutes on 528 with the ocean flanking the highway, Kennedy Space Center on the horizon in one direction, and on the other sailboats and kayaks dotting the water, the sadness fell away. Sure it’s chilly out, but it was still another lovely day. This is my home. This state has always been my home.  I couldn’t live anywhere else.

I realize Florida is not for everyone, and that’s ok. I realize many people are happy at whatever place they call home. That’s really my point: to appreciate and be happy there. We continued down 528 and soon came upon the airport and the attractions area. I resisted the urge to venture to one of the big seven theme parks as is my weekend tradition. Soon we entered our neighborhood, the same place I spent my entire childhood. Blue skies shone above the many citizens out enjoying the Sunday morning going for a walk, playing a game of soccer, or heading to church.

I couldn’t hold back a contented smile. A wonderful vacation or getaway coming to an end can be tough. But the pain is eased when the place you call home makes your heart full and happy.


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