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A Matter of Perspective


Faithful followers and friendly folks who are just browsing thisfloridalife, lend me your opinions.  I crave your input.

Last night my husband and I popped into Universal Studios.  We had a great evening as the excitement of being new passholders has not yet worn off.  After enjoying the Cinematic Spectacular, and a spin on MIB it was nearly park closing time as we headed for the entrance.

And then something happened that goes against the theme park dogma that I have been taught for years.  Three team members in safety vests asked that we get onto the sidewalk because a truck was pulling out into the park.   The “backstage” access gate opened and a fairly large delivery truck pulled “onstage” out into the theme park.

Forgive the poor quality of the pics below, as I did not have my camera with me and my phone barely qualifies as “smart”.

Now this is where you come in….. is this occurrence such a weird thing?

My perspective is a little unique.  I grew up going to theme parks.  I have worked in five out of the seven Orlando theme parks and was taught this was a big no-no.  Granted we were safe, the team members did a great job keeping guests away from the truck.  I  have never seen this happen when parks guests are still present.

I am just really curious to find out if others would be as shocked as myself if they experienced the same thing.  Please share your thoughts in the comments, even a simple “yes” to indicated that you would be shocked or “no” this would not be a big deal to you, will do.

Thank you for your time and opinions.



5 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective”

  1. I’m with you 100%! This deters from the magic and shouldnt be done while guests are still in attendance. Parks are one of those places where “real” everyday things arent supposed to be seen occuring, like trucks delivering items.

  2. I am a firm believer that this should never happen. I’ve never seen anything like that at any of the theme parks I’ve visited, and I believe it’s a shame to let guests see the inner workings and all the “reality” behind the scenes. It ruins something about the experience for sure.

  3. That is quite weird. And, yes, I would say a big no-no. I’ve also worked in the theme park industry (not in Florida) and this seems very much like something that should not be done.

    Were they delivering merchandise to a store? We did deliver merchandise during park hours but it happened behind the scenes….through the back doors of the shops, not in the truck out in the middle of the park. If we had to go out into the park with guests, it was a person pushing a hand cart, not a vehicle (this wasn’t Disney).

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