Quick tips for Magic Kingdom

There are so many tips and tricks that I have to offer for a magical visit to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. However, who has an attention span that would last that long? Here now is a short collection of tips for visiting the most attended theme park in the world.

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt...
Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you did read that right, Magic Kingdom is the most attended theme park in the world! Disneyland park in California every so often out ranks Magic Kingdom, and some of these tips apply for visiting there as well. So with that in my mind my first tip is…

  • Be patient: It is a very rare occasion to visit Magic Kingdom, or any Disney park, when it is not filled with fellow visitors. You will dodge strollers. Your toes will be nipped at by electric scooters. There are visitors from all over the world. Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  • Look both ways: Monkey see, monkey do. When getting in a line, whether for a ride, to get food, to get into the park, etc. be sure to look around. Sometimes there will be a long line and low behold another side will be open, but no one noticed. You can save so much time if you look around and observe.
  • Drink water: I know I sound like mother, but for your own good drink water, soda does not count! Even in the winter, hydrate!
  • Use Fastpass: It’s free. It’s easy. Use it! Remember, each attraction that offers Fastpass only has a certain amount each day, they can run out. Also, you can get one Fastpass per ticket every two hours (approximately).
  • Lefties rule!: Generally speaking, when a ride queue or pathway splits in two at Disney, go left. Usually, you will have less of a wait. For example, when the park first opens in the morning most people go right because of Space Mountain. But, if you go left you can hit Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain right away.
  • Download an app: there are quite a few apps out there that show wait times and Fastpass distribution times. The newest official Disney app is discussed here. Be sure to check to see what rides are under refurbishment so you do not end up disappointed.
  • One land at a time: This tip is mainly for first timers. Unless you are getting Fastpasses, don’t move onto the next land (i.e Tomorrowland, Fantasyland) until you’ve enjoyed all the attractions that are of interest to you in that area. You will save time and energy.
  • Example of a Disney nametag (photo credit: Jack Spence)

    Ask a Cast Member: it’s as simple as that. Look for the nametag and ask, ask, ask. They are there to help. Need a band-aid or have a headache? Ask a Cast Member and they can direct you to First Aid or Baby Care. If your party gets separated ask a Cast Member. Generally, all separated families are reunited at the front of the park at Guest Relations.

This is just a tiny list. Just remember to relax and enjoy the moment.



5 thoughts on “Quick tips for Magic Kingdom”

  1. Thanks for the great list of tips. We will definitely keep all of these in mind. I also love your advice about just stopping to enjoy the surroundings. With three young kids we are ready for the fact that the escalator may be their favorite thing over anything else in the park.

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