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A Salty Saturday at Cedar Key

There are rare weekends in which my husband and I are off work at the same time.  During these occasions we strive to take full advantage.   We also take advantage of living in Florida and having family in Cedar Key, Florida.  If you are a beach lover and adore exploring the sunshine state then you must add Cedar Key to your travel bucket list.(

I have been very fortunate to enjoy twenty years of visiting this delightfully unique island.  My parents purchased a plot of land, on the highest point of the island while I was growing up.  I remember the phases of construction and playing in the half-built house during its “birth”.  Now, as an adult, I have the distinct pleasure of bringing my husband and stepson to this island retreat.  There are no fast food burger joints, no super shopping centers, no chain restaurants of any kind, and only one gas station.  Instead you will find fresh seafood at every restaurant, unique art and book stores, and charming locals who passionately love their island.

There are beachy little respites that dot the perimeter of the island.

: Beach
: Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most visitors seek relaxation at the public city beach (pictured left).  It is indeed the largest on the island, offering a great playground and wonderful picnic pavilions.  However, my family usually selects a much smaller beach, near the island’s tiny airport.  Ever the creative bunch, we named this little seashore “airport beach”.

On this beautiful Summer Saturday we fancied a romp in the Gulf waters aboard a pair of jet skis.  We headed to the city marina and split our group into two tasks forces.  Team Salty Dogs (consisting of my mother, my stepson, and my husband) and Team Beach Bums (my father and I).  Team Salty Dogs had the responsibility of driving the jet skis from the marina to airport beach.  Team Beach Bums drove the truck and trailer to the beach and set up camp.

Cedar Key Marina
Cedar Key boat ramp sign

The water challenged Team Salty Dogs with choppy water full of sea grass (not normal conditions).  I can only imagine the squeals of delight coupled with the groans of frustration as their faces were sprayed with salt water.  When Team Beach Bums arrived at the beach, a couple and their little dog too headed into water with their kayak.  The cooler, chairs and umbrellas nestled into the sand welcomed Team Salty Dogs.

Airport beach, a little piece of paradise
Cedar Key Southwest coastline

We took a few trips aboard the jet skis bopping around the water, we built sand castles and chilled enjoying the view.  After enjoying some quality beach time, we hungered to savor some treasures from the sea. We packed up and headed to Treasure Camp along the beautiful Suwanee River.  The family run, Treasure Camp restaurant has become a new favorite establishment of mine.  Look for my post about this Florida find soon.

Treasure Camp on the river (Part Two of Salty Saturday at Cedar Key coming soon!)

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  1. Love! I know I talked with your mom about getting to visit them this summer and time has just slipped away. Sounds like a great way to enjoy FL and our many beaches.

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