Mall at Millenia – Where Dreamers go to Window Shop

It opened when I started to become a young adult.  The local news stations buzzed for months about it.  The Mall at Millenia presented something Orlando had not seen before: luxury.  Many visitors to Orlando consider shopping a must-do while on vacation.  I have avoided this collection of mostly high-end purveyors for a few years.  But today, there was no way around it.

It is not that I dislike the Mall at Millenia.  It is quite a beautiful mall and many of the stores are the only ones of their kind in the entire state of Florida.  There are delightful restaurants within and around the mall.  It is, well…. jealousy that prevents me from being a frequent visitor to this mall.  There are so many treasures that I wish could be mine, but alas I am not in a financial position to do so.  Today I had to pick up an office present at Mont Blanc.  Until a few days ago I had no clue who or what Mont Blanc is (www.montblanc.com).

Pulling into the parking lot, I was immediately reminded the interesting mix of clients that visit the Mall at Millenia.  BMWs, Audis, and other luxury cars parked right next to rental cars and cars from the late ’90s.  As I entered I heard a multitude  of languages including Spanish, Portuguese, and French and saw families from all over the world.  The mall is beautiful.  I obviously forgot just how beautiful.  As is customary in Orlando, I found guests from around the world, locals, and a few visitors who enjoy the upper crust of life.  I wish I had more time to walk around, enjoy, and snap a few pictures, but sorry to say not only was time not on my side, but my clothing (aka my work-out clothes) would not allow it. When I worked as a concierge , years ago, guests would ask me which mall would be better to visit: Mall at Millenia or Florida Mall.  To put it simply, the Florida Mall offers many of the same stores that can be found in most American shopping malls, with the exception of places like M&M World.  But, really how impressive can a store based on M&Ms be?  The Mall at Millenia is as if Rodeo Drive decided to go on a permanent vacation in Orlando.  After my quick stop I decided it would be nice to visit again sometime, even if only to spend a few hours pretending to live the good life and gaze into the windows of Gucci, Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry.

Share your thoughts…

Have you been to Mall at Millenia before, if so what did you think of it?  I have never really gotten into going shopping while on vacation, if shopping is a must-do for you what is the appeal?


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