Small towns in Florida, The Beach

A Salty Saturday at Cedar Key

There are rare weekends in which my husband and I are off work at the same time.  During these occasions we strive to take full advantage.   We also take advantage of living in Florida and having family in Cedar Key, Florida.  If you are a beach lover and adore exploring the sunshine state then you must… Continue reading A Salty Saturday at Cedar Key


Epcot: Two hours in France (this is not a drive by)

Countless hours of my life have been spent in Epcot.  This fabulous, one-of-a-kind theme park came into being the same year I did: 1982.  I feel a special kinship with it.  I also feel a sadness when I see most guests simply walk from one "country" to the next in World Showcase, without taking the… Continue reading Epcot: Two hours in France (this is not a drive by)

Florida Life

Why thisfloridalife exists

It all began in the '80s.  I was born and grew up in the land of dreams, sunshine, castles, beaches, space shuttles, and orange groves.  It seems that Native Floridians, especially Native Orlando-ians, have to choose a side either to love it or to leave it.  In addition, one must choose Team Tourism or Team… Continue reading Why thisfloridalife exists