Florida Life

Why thisfloridalife exists

It all began in the ’80s.  I was born and grew up in the land of dreams, sunshine, castles, beaches, space shuttles, and orange groves.  It seems that Native Floridians, especially Native Orlando-ians, have to choose a side either to love it or to leave it.  In addition, one must choose Team Tourism or Team “the way things used to be”.  I have never known an Orlando without the tourist attractions.  Therefore I am Team Tourism.  In fact, I fell in love with tourism so much that I made it my profession.

Thisfloridalife exists to explore the magnificent world of living in Florida.  Many people are passionate about traveling.  I certainly fall into that category.  However, I recently decided that rather than making it my mission to explore the world at large, I need to soak up and explore my own backyard.  There is so much that Florida offers.  Thisfloridalife showcases the many destinations that make Florida great.  It exists for anyone who wants to explore Florida, either as a visitor, a resident, or a daydreamer.

One thing that you will find missing from thisfloridalife is hotels.  I work in the tourism industry, specifically the hotel industry.  Therefore, it would be inappropriate for me to write reviews and posts about specific hotels.  Occasionally, the topic may come up, but I will do all I can to provide an unbiased opinion.

So sit back, relax, and soak up thisfloridalife!


12 thoughts on “Why thisfloridalife exists”

  1. I was born and raised in FL also – I am just on the gulf side of things – nice to meet a fellow Floridian!

  2. Florida is such a diverse state, it could have been divided into several states. I left Florida for the submarine force in 1980 and it is great reading what central Florida has been like since I left north Florida. Love your blog.

  3. Florida is one of my top three fav states. Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida – especially, Venice, Florida. Looking forward to reading more and thanks for visiting my blog. Namaste, Joie

  4. I do not live in Florida but hope to get there as soon as I can. We try to spend at least one week a year in the great State of Sunshine. Always have to visit the Mouse and Universal – and the Gulf Coast is our most favorite place in the world. Key West is a close second.

    I’m glad I found your blog. I will be reading it a lot.

  5. Hi. I found you through Jen Cook’s blog. I am a transplant to Florida by way of Germany and have lived here for close to 18 years now. I fell in love with it and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m in South Florida. Happy to follow along on your adventures now. 🙂

  6. I love visiting Florida when I come occasionally I stay at Westgate Resorts on Turkey Road. The last time I came through Florida was at Port Canaveral on Norwegian Jewel I believe it was 2011. Enjoy the day at Westgate cocoa beach with my granddaughter and her mom but sadly now my granddaughter life was cut short February 2019 when she was hit by a car getting off the bus from work. It was truly a sad day for me because when I visit Florida especially 2001 2 days before 9/11 my granddaughter hung out with me at SeaWorld and Universal Studio. Now Orlando will never be the same for me I miss her dearly. My friend that used to be a DJ here in NYC recently moved to Fort Myers and I plan to visit soon. I would love to live in Florida but I’m retired in my health insurance it’s not accepted there and I would have to pay out-of-pocket monthly. But if the opportunity affords me to move to Florida I will be there in a heartbeat.

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