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Max & Meme Cafe: Longwood, FL

A large breakfast was in order.  As my battle with pneumonia continues, the doctor advised me to eat well prior to each dose of the antibiotic.  And so on my way home from the doctor, I decided to try a new “mom and pop” cafe.

Max and Meme Cafe is located inside this shopping plaza off 434 in Longwood

Max and Meme Cafe sits along Longwood, FL’s 434.  The exterior is clean and contemporary, a soft white and emerald green accents.  The interior was clean, decorations a bit dated.  It is actually a former Burger King, but they’ve done a decent job transforming it. Menu is classic American with a few Eastern European items. (Photos were taken with my barely qualifies as smart phone).



I went for breakfast and ordered a Turkey Dill Crepe without hollandaise sauce. It was very delicious. The crepe was sweet and offered a delicate contrast to the savory ingredients held within.  I do think the sauce would have overdone it.  I opted for homefries (which are fried or pan fried potatoes).  They were not overdone and were quite tasty.

Turkey Dill Crepe – very yummy!

My server was nice, kindly explained that my order of decaf coffee would take a moment as it would be a new pot, and wished me get well wishes as I paid the bill. The food took about 10 -15 minutes. Not too bad. I would assume you cannot go here in a hurry though as I can see how they could get backed up and service could sometimes get a smidge slow.

This is a nice choice if you want to support local business. For those not in the area, it is not necessary to make a special trip to visit.  If in the area, looking for breakfast or lunch, it is a good option.  I would give it another visit.

They don’t seem to have a website (not always a good sign), but here is their page on Yelp.

1050 W Sr 434
Longwood, FL 32750

(407) 429-4956


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