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My biggest Florida pet peeve 

Happy Fall / Autumn everyone! Yes, here in Florida, we too can celebrate the Fall season. What? Don’t laugh! We most certainly can.

The transition from Summer to Fall marks the arrival of my biggest Florida pet peeve: people who say there’s no such thing as Fall in Florida.

Obviously, Fall in Florida is much different than Fall is up North. No, the temps don’t drop significantly but they are better than they are in Summer (insert Olaf gif here). We don’t have changing leaves, but crazy violent Summer thunderstorms give way. Humidity backs off just a little. The air smells a little different (mostly in the evening – and let’s exclude the nasty post-Irma stank we got going on right now).

We may not have an abundance of Fall harvest crops, but we do have the arrival of stone crab season, a delicate crab meat that is completely sustainable because only one claw is harvested, the crab lives, and grows another one.

We also grow a lot of root vegetables here like carrots, radishes, and brussel sprouts that come into peak season in Florida’s Fall. And our tomatoes and zucchini are fantastic in the Fall too.

You can’t beat Florida sunsets, either. In the Fall it becomes easier to catch a good sunset because it gets darker earlier and as our position to the sun changes in the Fall the colors of the sunset become richer with orange and scarlet colors.

Yes, Fall in Florida exists. It’s different than most of the country, but hey if you’re from up North, and you moved here because of weather… well you can’t have mild Winters without mild Falls. So back off and enjoy Florida’s fall.


2 thoughts on “My biggest Florida pet peeve ”

  1. Great post! I think of Florida Fall (should we hashtag that? #FloridaFall?) as a time of subtle changes, and I think you described those. My sycamore leaves do turn brown and fall off (and some did early–thanks Irma!), but that process just lasts through fall and most of winter. And I can speak for Florida runners when I say that even the slightest dip in humidity is a welcome relief that makes it easier to go that extra mile. So I say, welcome Florida Fall!

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