SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration: the BEST in all of Orlando

I’m a Christmas fanatic and a themepark fanatic. So when this time of year rolls around you can imagine how often I find myself in Orlando’s theme parks to enjoy the various holiday celebrations. After many visits to many parks I can say for certain that the SeaWorld Christmas Celebration is the absolute best in all of Orlando. In fact, it is one of the driving reasons I’ll be renewing my annual pass this year.

I could go on and on with a whole list of reasons as to why this is the best celebration in all of Orlando, and check it twice, but I’ll spare you the semi-endless list. I’ll just keep it short and sweet.


There is decor everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Before you even arrive in the park, the signage leading you to SeaWorld property has garland and lights. Then the parking tolls are decorated as well. Once inside the gates you’ll find decor covering nearly every last inch of the park. I can’t think of a single section in the park that does not have decor of some kind or Christmas music. Even the Crew Members have Christmas themed nametags!



There are two areas in particular that are over-the-top with holiday decor. First is the Waterfront. Here you will find decor that is peppermint and candy cane inspired. You’ll also be able to enjoy a trio of silly Christmas elves who may have seen one too many Three Stooges episodes, as well as other live entertainment. IMG_4581
The other section is the Christmas Village. This area opens up in the evening. I tell you, I could spend hours on end just in the Christmas Village. There are lights everywhere, splendid views of the dazzling Sea of Trees, a warm, inviting firepit, carolers, and incredible specialty food and beverage.


Speaking of food and beverage, at the Christmas Village there are multiple booths each offering some of the best indulges offered at SeaWorld, only available during the holidays. Multiple flavors of specialty hot cocoa, Frito pie, apple pie on a stick, and so much more; make sure you visit on an empty stomach. Beer, wine, spirits, and specialty cocktails are also available, my personal favorite is the Cranberry Hot Toddy $7.99 (Annual Passholders get a discount, yes even on alcohol), made with cranberry juice, orange slices, and dark rum.

Cranberry Hot Toddy in the beautiful Christmas Village

“Caramel apple pie on stick” in the Christmas Village
The final feature that makes SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration absolutely the best is all the live entertainment and shows. Admittedly I found myself so drawn to the Waterfront and to the Christmas Village that I have only seen one of the special Christmas shows. But there are four different holiday themed shows – besides the live musicians, singers, etc throughout the park). I can assure you I will be back to check them out.



Oh! One last thing, be sure to dress your family in something festive. You will find plenty of great photo opportunities perfect for capturing momentos of a wonderful day and night in the park.






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