Dick’s Last Resort revisited: diving deeper into the food

Dick’s Last Resort celebrated its grand opening just about a month ago at Lake Buena Vista. The grand opening was lots of fun, (read more here) but the food was served buffet style and it was difficult to get a feel for the full menu. I was invited back to dine with my hubby and we were able to have a full fledged Dick’s Last Resort experience.

6 dicks rules

The name Dick’s Last Resort gets your curiosity going. Between the decor, the name, the food, and the service, there really is not other restaurant out there that offers an experience like it. It is fun, off-the-wall, and a little in your face. Service is presented with a dose of  sarcasm and a pinch of teasing. Some people may wonder why you would want to voluntarily be “insulted” when visiting a restaurant, but that’s not what the service at Dick’s Last Resort is about. Think of it as dining with your slightly annoying big brother who you know deep down really loves you.


Our server was definitely very sassy. She told us to order “The Infamous Killa Rita” which we obeyed for fear of displeasing our sassy server. It is a massive 45 oz serving of Milagro Silver Tequila, Blue Curacao, and lime juice served on the rocks. It is a simple margarita and is enough for 4-5 people, which at $25 and 45 oz it definitely should be shared.

After a long day at work, both husband and I were ready to dig in so we ordered an appetizer. I was dying for the gator bites, but I let husband do the picking and he opted for Tequila Queso Con Carne Mucho Supremo ($9.99), or to put it simply queso dip topped with chili. This app is very hearty, heavy, and meant for sharing. Though it was not my first choice, husband did seem to enjoy it.

photo 5

As our Killa Rita began to do its thing, feeling a little warm and toasty, the live entertainment began, which is a nice touch. Two guitar players and singers performed at the front of dining area, right next to our seats. Since the atmosphere of Dick’s lets you just relax and poke fun at yourself, and each other, husband and I had no qualms with being the only ones chanting “salt, salt, salt” during the performance of Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”. We practically hoisted our Killa Rita in the air in honor of the song.

For our entrees, I was not surprised when husband order the big 12 oz, hand cut rib eye steak ($18.99). My man truly is a carnivore and seemed to really enjoy his perfectly cooked, nice and juicy steak. During the grand opening I really enjoyed the fried catfish, so I decided to take it up a notch by ordering the Seafood Platta ($19.99). This comes with yummy fried catfish, fried shrimp, and fried crabby balls. I am not one for that much fried food, but I thought I’d let go and give it a shot. The fried shrimp were tender and sweet, though I wish they had been a little meatier. The crabby balls are flavorful, a little heavy on the filler, but still good stuff.



seafood platta

Everything is made from scratch, and that certainly is the most impressive aspect of food at Dick’s Last Resort. They call it “comfort food done right” and that is exactly what it is. Food that is simple, tasty, generous portions, and fun to eat. We wrapped up our dining experience with a very comforting food indeed: apple pie a la mode. Served nice and warm, the vanilla ice cream melted and mingled nicely with the comforting apple pie filling. Had our stomachs not reach capacity, we would have easily cleaned the place.

apple pie

Dick’s Last Resort is expanding and the new Lake Buena Vista location will soon be joined by a second Dick’s located on International Drive. It is a fun and unique place, perfect for group outing, parities, celebrations, and yet is family friendly too. It is definitely a dining experience you won’t forget!


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