FunSpot: A totally different world

Those pesky “It’s HuuuuuuuuuuuuuGE” and “Fun Spot Style” TV commercials. You know what I’m talking about, so corny. Yet, I have to hand it to FunSpot for being a homegrown, family operation that has really grown over the years. I recently visited and it feels like a totally different world.


Now what I mean by that is not that the recent expansion and additions, especially to the International Drive location, have made FunSpot feel like a totally different world. Instead, I couldn’t help but observe just how different it feels to be there as opposed to one of the big Orlando theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. Of course to compare FunSpot to these theme park behemoths is practically ludicrous, but it is difficult to not at least think about the differences.

FunSpot is certainly a great choice for people wanting more affordable fun. Compared to $100 per person at the big theme parks, plus parking of $17, FunSpot’s free parking, free admission sounds really good. But we are talking about the complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of experiences. No themed rides. No themed queues. No details. Just simple fun.

photo 3

There’s certain guest behaviors that I will refrain from going into specifics that you won’t necessarily see at the big theme parks. There’s an emphasis on ice cold beer and warm plastic furniture that you definitely won’t see at the big theme parks. But, the go kart tracks are awesome, the midway rides are classic, the bumper boats are still one of my favorite simple rides, and the two new coasters, including Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, are a pretty impressive addition.

So while FunSpot is not my first choice in Orlando attractions, it is simple, easy going fun that doesn’t ask much of it’s visitors. For pricing info, click here,  the armband cost less online (vs. at the gate) are $27 or $35 based on height (essentially adult or child).




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